Turyal Azam Khan is a writer, blogger and a journalist based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He has written for Daily Times, Dunya Blogs, The Diplomat, EACPE and The Nation.  He is also an opinion writer for Asia Times. He mainly focuses on current affairs, social issues, lifestyle, and culture. This is his personal blog.

He can be reached via email at turyalazamkhan123@gmail.com

As well as on the following links:

Facebook: Turyal Azam Khan’s Page

Twitter: turyalazamkhan

Instagram: turyalazamkhan1

Snapchat: turyalazamkhan

Paydesk: Turyal Azam Khan

Muck Rack: Turyal Azam Khan

LinkedIn: Turyal Azam Khan

Rozee.Pk: Turyal Azam Khan

Some of his articles/work can be read at the following links:

Daily Times: Turyal Azam Khan

Dunya Blogs: Turyal Azam Khan

The Nation: Turyal Azam Khan

Naya Daur English: Turyal Azam Khan

Naya Daur Urdu: Turyal Azam Khan

EACPE: Turyal Azam Khan

Asia Times: Turyal Azam Khan



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