Turyal Azam Khan is a writer, blogger and a journalist based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He has written for Daily Times, Dunya Blogs, The Diplomat, EACPE and The Nation.  He is also an opinion writer for Asia Times and a content editor for Pakistan Talks. He mainly focuses on current affairs, social issues, lifestyle, and culture. This is his personal blog.

He can be reached via email at turyalazamkhan123@gmail.com

As well as on the following links:

Facebook: Turyal Azam Khan’s Page

Twitter: turyalazamkhan

Instagram: turyalazamkhan1

Snapchat: turyalazamkhan

Paydesk: Turyal Azam Khan

Muck Rack: Turyal Azam Khan

LinkedIn: Turyal Azam Khan

Rozee.Pk: Turyal Azam Khan

Some of his articles/work can be read at the following links:

Daily Times: Turyal Azam Khan

Dunya Blogs: Turyal Azam Khan

The Nation: Turyal Azam Khan

Naya Daur English: Turyal Azam Khan

Naya Daur Urdu: Turyal Azam Khan

EACPE: Turyal Azam Khan

Asia Times: Turyal Azam Khan



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